What might you discover if you read your story or poem laughing? Performed an unexpected action while reading? Changed the cadence of your voice, extended pauses between  each word? What if you read a letter or monologue as it were a fairy tale, or a confession to a therapist, or jogging in place? 

Whether as a workshop or individualized coaching, the use of improvisation, vocal techniques, and body movements will enrich the way we read our words aloud, and ultimately to how we write them. Writers, poets, teachers, public speakers, actors, business  professionals, all can benefit from tapping into the imagination and seeing words come to life. 

“David is a fantastic teacher! I can't imagine doing a poetry conference without him in the future.”
Jeffrey Levine, Editor and Founder, Tupelo Press

 “When David helped me to prepare for a reading, he approached it with a spirited sense of fun that immediately put me at ease. He offered insight into how to more fully embody my poems, and connect with an audience. I enthusiastically recommend working with David to anyone preparing a reading or public presentation!"
Ariana Kramer, Writer, Taos, NM

"I highly recommend David’s inspiring and enlightening teaching to writers, educators, and anyone who is involved in the literature and creative world at any level.”
Ed Cardenas, LISW, Author of Lovito children’s book series

Decades of being a writer, editor, journalist, and actor have provided me with a keen understanding of what constitutes a solid narrative flow, about the importance of specificity in character, time and place. Among my specialties are developing scenes and dialogue, the use of humor, and adding emotional resonance to writings on social and political subjects.

Clients range from established and emerging writers, documentary filmmakers, and small presses. Do you need a partner in mapping out a publishing and marketing strategy? Someone to assist in historical research? An editor to guide your project from A to Z? Whether you’re writing a memoir, novel, magazine article or personal essay, Verdad Creative can meet your needs.

“David knows writing and he knows the writer. He was the main editor on my book, and its critical acclaim is as much due to David as it is to me. I recommend him as a great editor."
Jeff Haas, Author, The Murder of Fred Hampton, Laurence Hill Books

Another area of expertise is Grant Writing, particularly with organizations involved in the literary and performing arts. My experience as a grant reviewer for New Mexico Arts, a state cultural funding agency, has provided me with a special eye to see what works, and what doesn’t.

"David has raised more money in grants and private donations than in any other similar time period in our organization's 33-year history. A top-notch grant writer and researcher."
Jan Smith, Co-Director, SOMOS, the Literary Society of Taos

Hourly rate: $45-$60, depending on the project. Flat rates also available. Workshop fees vary.

Manuscript evaluation (150 - 250 double-spaced pages): $350. Over 250 pages: $400. The initial one-hour consultation is free, which includes a review of 3 - 4 pages of your writing.



Readings and Performance

“David Pérez is a creative and invigorating teacher; wonderfully inventive and the results are often amazing.”
Nora Jacquez, Writer, Lawyer and Professor

"David’s workshop is exhilarating. I always laugh and weep and leave feeling inspired."
Sharon Bradshaw, Writer

“David listens to your reading with his whole body and intellect. He grasps a full meaning and intent of your piece, and then helps you find an intimate and bold relationship to the words you are sharing and to your audience.”
Margaret J Hansen, D.C., Taos Center for Natural Healing

“David quickly puts everyone at ease with his suggestions. Our readings transformed into theater. Now I have techniques to try on my own.”
Chris Riveles, Docent

“As a former college dean, I knew I could present reasonably well, but as an old academic, I also had faith that there might be something new to learn.  Honestly, I only expected a little tweak to my style.  Instead I experienced David's astute insights into my work.  After listening to my poem, on the spot, he designed several illuminating exercises that caused me to read in new ways that strengthened the meaning and intention of my work.”
Linda Malm, Poet

“David Pérez is brilliant in leading a creative, fun, energetic and information packed training. His facilitation of warm-up exercises are very effective in creating an atmosphere where participants are able to push through their comfort level. This is what an effective workshop is supposed to do! 
Daniel Escalante, Facilitator, Reading to End Racism Program

“I took David Pérez’s workshop thinking he would improve my reading technique, but I got much more. He showed us that we read not just with our voice but with our limbs, chest, gut, and most of all, with our hearts. Take it. You’ll learn a lot and have fun too.”
 Jim Levy, Author

“David knows how to build camaraderie and his energetic and engaging encouragement makes one want to do the class over and over!” 
 Stephen Bergstrom, Screenwriter

“Classes with David Pérez was one of the best highlights of my five-year Taos tour. He is awesome.” 
Dr. Jaye Swordova, M.D., Veteran’s Clinic

Writing and Editing

"As the editor for my book, David turned my one-sided reports into 'real' dialogue. His compassionate probing of the stories behind 'the story' opened me up and allowed layers of emotional resonance to surface, guaranteeing that the narrative had a consistent feeling of integrity and truth-telling that others could relate to on a deeper level. 
Jean-Vi Lenthe - Author, Flying Into Yesterday, Wild Hare Press

"David's reading and editorial suggestions of my manuscript, However Tall the Mountain, helped make the book possible. He was always honest and perceptive with his feedback, always pushing me to think deeper about the material."
Awista Ayub - Author, However Tall the Mountain, Hyperion

"As a first time author, my experience working with David was positive, constructive and a great learning process. His sense of humor and gentleness encouraged me to do more and develop creative ideas to bring my work to a more universal audience outside of the Latino Community. I am looking forward to working with him again on my next book."
Maria Aponte - Author, Transitions of a Nuyorican Cinderella, Gonzalez-Aponte Productions

“David is a superb editor. He brought a great deal of infectious enthusiasm to my work, and gave a careful, line-by-line reading of the book, making countless astute suggestions, enabling me to cut a lot of beloved but unnecessary fat. He also diligently researched and pursued publishers, the very business of writing, and all at a very fair and reasonable price, with no extraneous padding. On top of that, he is just a very nice guy, easy to be around and work with. Highly recommended.”
Tim McHaney - Writer

Marketing Consultation

"Nighthawk Press has definitely experienced benefits working with David Perez. He brings individuals and opportunities together, helping our authors explore better ways to market their books using traditional methods, social media tools, and keeping us all alert to literary awards, which can help raise awareness of titles in a very crowded market. David is a pleasure and a knowledgeable resource for authors who just need someone for brainstorm with."
Rebecca Lenzini, Publisher, Nighthawk Press

Creative Services

“David Perez is a wonderful creative. I have acted with him, shared various drafts of my screenplay with him, created theatre pieces with him, been a fan of his writing and readings and generally relied on him as a go to fellow artist. His take is true, unfettered and sharp and I count on him as a collaborator in both film and theatre.”
Lynn Hamrick, award-winning independent filmmaker, producer, writer and director.

The Art of the Interview

"David Pérez is a fabulous interviewer. I have seen him in action many times and witnessed his skills to bring our guests’ personal stories to life in fun and animated dialogues. People have often been surprised by his insights. He is also a good listener and knows how to put guests at ease, even when they walk in quite nervous. And then he is truly engaged so interviewees warm up to him soon, happily sharing memories, jokes and yes, even embarrassing events!
Teresa Dovalpage - Author, Professor, Radio Host of El Show, KNCE, Taos, NM

“David has been a guest lecturer at my University of Mexico-Taos freshman composition course, where he teaches students (to rave reviews) about the nuances of interviewing and how to write a journalistic profile. He’s full of wisdom and knowledge.”
Monique Parker - Adjunct Professor of English UNM Taos